EMI Filters Q&A

Q:Are there any precautions regarding the selection of the rated current?

Since the load current of the inverter, SW power supply and other products flows through the noise filter, please calculate the load current so that the sum of the load currents does not exceed the rated current of the noise filter.

Q:Is it safe to connect the noise filter LINE-LOAD in reverse?

The reverse connection can be made, but the performance will be degraded.

Q:Is it possible to connect noise filters in series?

The series connection can be applied, but the rating must be checked before using.

Q:Is it possible to connect noise filters in parallel?

The parallel connection can be applied, but please use the noise filters with the same rating. Select a noise filter rating with the cable length variations considered.
The leakage current may increase.

Q:It can be used for the output of the inverter?

Please do not install the noise filter on the output of the inverter because it may cause the capacitor burned out.
Please use the noise filter designated to the output side or the ring cores.

Q:A three-phase noise filter can be used as a single phase noise filter?

Usable but the characteristics may not be equivalent to a three-phase noise filter.

Q:The noise filter can be installed vertically?

Please install the noise filter either horizontally or vertically.

Q:Please tell me the torque guarantee value of the terminal screw.


Q:Can the AC power supply filter be used with DC input?

Please contact us for a DC rating selection.

Q:Is it possible to use outdoors?

Our noise filters cannot be used outdoors.
They are designed for using inside of the devices.

Q:Can be used outside the operating temperature range?

It cannot be used in principle.
You may derate the load current in an environment that exceeds the operating temperature range, but please contact us for details first.

Q:What is the storage period?

Please contact us for the filters stored more than one year.

Q:What is the warranty period for a noise filter?

For the failure within one year, we may replace with a new noise fliter after discussing the cause of the failure.

Q:Is it possible to use a 400Hz power supply other than the commercial frequency?

Please be sure to use at DC or commercial frequencies (50/60 Hz).
Using at non-commercial frequencies may cause failures.
Please contact us in advance if it is used at a different frequency.

Q:The products no longer listed in the latest catalog are still producible?

Please let us have a separate consultation about that.

Q:The proper method for using the Ferrite Cores.

When using the core as an AC reactor on the input or output side of an inverter, please select the possible number of turns according to the wiring cable size and the inner diameter of the core to be used. The coil inductance is proportional to the square of the number of coil turns.

Q:What is the mounting position when using a surge absorber?

It is recommended to install the noise filter on the primary side.

Q:When installing the noise filter and other components,

Please do not cover the vent and use the noise filter in the operating temperature range.